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Baseball Players You Just Can't Help Hating

Baseball Players You Just Can't Help Hating

Everyone has a favorite baseball player.  Mine is Ken Griffey Jr.  Second best baseball player of all time after Barry Bonds*.  I will fight anyone that argues otherwise.

*Barry Bonds hit 400+ HR and had an average WAR of almost 6.5 (83.3 total in those years) from his debut in 1986 through 1999 before his inhuman 2000-2005 seasons.  He also stole over 450 bases during this period (Top 50 all time) and brought home 8 Gold Glove awards.  Bonds is the best ever even without steroids.  Steroids cancel out Babe Ruth playing before they allowed black people to strike his fat ass out.  

Arguing favorite players is fun and all, but it always seems to be the same names that come up over and over again.  I love to argue LEAST FAVORITE players.  The only rule is that they had to appear in at least one All-Star game to be eligible and your hatred cannot be rational.  Here are my least favorite players.

  • Kevin Seitzer - Refused to sign a baseball for me in the late 90s.  I have a program from that game where I crossed his name out and replaced it with "Butt Lick" because I thought he was a Butt Lick.

  • Jeff Blauser - I loved the Braves in the 1990s.  Jeff Blauser was on the Braves in the 90s.  He looked like a goober, so I didn't like him.

  • John Olerud - Wore a batting helmet in the field and that's just silly.  YES I KNOW IT WAS DUE TO AN ANEURYSM, BUT I WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD GIVE ME A BREAK.

  • Carl Everett - Doesn't believe in dinosaurs.

  • Dante Bichette - There was always something I just didn't like about Dante Bichette. He put up huge offensive numbers, but I just hated him every time I saw him. Turns out baseball analytics paint him in a horrendous light, so I am now justified.

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